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English version is still too much under construction, even more than Finnish one. But these pages will be updated weekly, be patient!

8-11.10.2015 FCI Agility WC - in Italy / Bologna  !New!

11-14.9.2014 FCI Agility WC - in Luxembourg / Kirchberg

9-11.10.2013 FCI Agility WC - South Afrika

4-7.10.2012 FCI Agility WC - Czech Republic - Liberec

27-29.7.2012 Agility European Open - Sweden - Kristianstadt

6-9.10.2011 FCI Agility World Championship - France - Lievin

1-3.10.2010 FCI Agility World Championship - Germany - Rieden

18-20.9.2009 FCI Agility World Championship, Austria - Dornbirn

26-28.9.2008 FCI Agility World Championship, Finland - Helsinki

28-30.9.2007 FCI Agility World Championship, Norway - Hamar  !New!

6-8.10.2006 FCI Agility World Championship, Switzerland

31.8-3.9.2006 Amersfoort, the Netherlands open Agility World Championchip (both breed and mix-breed dogs), Para-Agility championchips

23-25.9.2005 FCI Agility World Championship, Spain

23-35.9.2004 FCI Agility World Championship Montichiari, Italy

27.9.2003 FCI Agility World Championship Lievin, France

4-6.10.2002 FCI Agility World Championship Dortmund, Germany

6-8.9.2002 Gyula, Hungary Agility open World Championchip (both breed and mix-breed dogs),
With Finnish Team  Josera in Journey to Hungary!

6-7.10.2001 Agility World Championship Porto - Portugal, links:

30.9 -1.10.2000 Agility World Championship - Helsinki, Finland, WWW-pages at:, Championship, results and courses.


Welcome to Finnish Agility pages

Agility is a brisk dog sport, where handler's aim is to direct the dog through a variety of obstacles without any faults in predestined ideal time. A handler cannot touch a dog or obstacles. The Dog Agility has got the idea from same type horse sport in England year 1977. The course has been changed to suit to dogs. Agility has come to Finland in 1986 by Rolf Lundell and the first official competition was in year 1989 and the popularity is growing all the time. There are obstacles in agility such as hurdles or jumps, wall (bridge, closed jump), weave poles, open tunnel, closed tunnel, tire jump, dog-walk, A-frame, see-saw (teeter), table and long jump. There are also river jump, rectangular rest area and cavaletties used, but the latest FCI regulations have left these obstacles away.

Dog Agility is not fun only for a dog and a handler, but it offers speed and exciting moments to spectators too. Agility is suitable for all kinds of dogs and different breeds. The competition can cause some limits for some type of dogs (i.e. the dog is too big for tire). High jumps can be too difficult to very heavy dogs, A-frame and long jump can be too exhausting to dogs with long back. There are two classes (in Finland) depending on the hight of the dog in agility, MINI, MIDI & MAXI. Dogs less than 35 cm belongs to the MINI-class, 35 cm - 43 cm belongs to the MIDI-class and over 43 cm to the MAXI class. The jumps are higher with MAXI dogs than MIDI dogs, and there are the lowest jumps in the MINI class. There are also three different level classes to dogs in Finland, so that every dog starts to competing in I class and when the dog have got enough good results and placements the dog will move up to the next level. In the best case a dog can move up to the III-class after 6 competition if everything goes perfect.

You can start agility training already with young dog, if the dog is healthy. However exhausting performances should be avoided with dog whose skeleton is not ready yet, such as jumping with maximum high hurdles. One can start agility competitions in Finland when a dog is 18 months old.


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Especially all kind of competition information is more than welcome.

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